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Waga produktu: 1.1 kg
EAN: 653341029300

  • Neoprenowa mata do gry Scythe oferuje większą mapę do gry.
  • Rozmiary maty to 927 x 724mm, przy wymiarach podstawowej planszy 818x624 mm.
  • Mata dostarczana w sztywnej tubie.


The Official Neoprene Scythe Playmat is 36" x 28" which makes it larger than the standard board, giving more room for all those beautiful mechs.


The Scythe Neoprene Playmat comes equipped with double stitched edging for an additional layer of protection to prevent wear and tear. It is rollable and has a grippy rubber base so that it won't slide or move around on your gaming table.


The Scythe Neoprene Mat is approximately 36" x 28" and made out of polyester with anti-slip rubber backing. The edges are stitched to prevent the mat from fraying over time. 


  • Officially licensed to be used with the Scythe Board Game
  • Double stitched edging
  • Smooth cloth top with rubber base for traction
  • Vibrant colors
  • Machine washable


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